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2008 election results: Thank you all so much for your support! We had an amazing showing for an independent running against an incumbent Democrat, in a highly Democratic county, in the year of the Dems! Had 765 voters, who chose Sullivan merely because he was a Democrat, voted for Sandy, the seat would be ours!

We took the county....
Districts 2 + 3 (- Cape George) = 54%* for Sandy

However, in the very liberal Port Townsend (District 1),
plus Gape George, we only had 32.8%*.
(Port Townsend, 31.4%; Cape George, 40%)

Brinnon 62%; Quilcene 60%; Port Ludlow 55%;
Port Hadlock 59.4%; Chimacum 61%; Nordland 54%

Congratulations, David Sullivan: You've kept your seat...and now have an army watching your every move!

*as of 11/7/08 count

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Sandy Hershelman plans to unseat the incumbent, who is seeking a second term. District 2 represents the Tri-Area, Kala Point, Cape George and the surrounding areas.

"It's about time we had an independent commissioner, unaffiliated with any party" she said. "During the last few years, the more I penetrated into the bureaucratic maze, the more I realized just how polarized this county is—Republican and Democrat, environmentalist and property rights, growth and no growth—and each side has its extremists.

"Logic and balance usually lay somewhere in the middle. I truly believe that's where most county residents stand. They are that silent majority. Someone has to be the voice for the majority of the people in this county—and that someone is me. I understand that fine balance between responsible governance and navigating through onerous laws forced upon local governments. Shoving over-regulation down the throats of our neighbors is not the answer. Balance is the key," she added. "Jefferson County is in desperate need of family wage jobs and affordable housing. No business growth and we die. Too much growth and we smother. Attracting/ growing businesses and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive—we can have both."

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