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August 29, 2008

This first went to members of the Jefferson County Home Builders Association on August 29.

Message from JCHBA President Fred Kimball:
Political style of BIAW not to JCHBA's liking

Thank you for all of your input regarding the political climate of Jefferson County and Washington State. Since the board's e-mail regard-ing the governor's race went out at the end of June, we have heard from quite a few of you. The message has been consistent: the tactics of the Building Industry Association of Washington are not appreciated here in Jefferson County. Many of you (far left and far right) are just pitching the Building Insight newsletter into the trash.

The vast majority of the JCHBA board does not condone the editorial policies, or political tactics, of the BIAW. They fully appreciate the excellent work the BIAW lobbyists do on behalf of the small business owners, as well as the retrospective rating and health insurance programs.

JCHBA Executive Officer Sandy Hershelman and I, in particular, have taken (and given) sharp blows over the past year because we refused to kowtow to the BIAW's current leadership. As BIAW attempted covert tactics against us, the battle got ugly. Good people were manipulated; friendships violated.

Since we first rejected BIAW's questionable political funding proposal in early 2007, some at the state level have ostracized the JCHBA. (The Public Disclosure Commission is currently investigating a complaint against the BIAW filed with the Attorney General's Office.)

Usually the political drama doesn't hit here. This year, however, is different. BIAW has repeatedly been on every news program and in newspapers across the state. A vicious gubernatorial rematch is underway...and your executive officer is running for county commissioner. The JCHBA has become a target. Letters to the editor have already alluded to Sandy's connection with the big, bad developers...and the BIAW has been thrown into the muddle.
Sandy has talked to literally thousands of people in the last few months, as she's knocked on doors and campaigned at myriad events. At least 100 have expressed their disgust with BIAW; two members support BIAW in whatever it does; one nonmember praised the BIAW newsletter; another nonmember e-mailed us that we were mandated to uphold the views of the BIAW. Sandy corrected him: BIAW holds no authority over the JCHBA. Both are chartered through the National Association of Home Builders. NAHB bylaws forbid state association interference in the local HBAs' markets. (BIAW has repeatedly ignored this.)

It pains us to have the public (and some members) equate the JCHBA with the BIAW.

Sandy's message has been consistent: "I have worked extremely hard during the past six years to encourage a diverse membership in the JCHBA, one that truly reflects the building community of Jefferson County. The JCHBA is nonpartisan, a mixture of traditional and green custom homebuilders and their associates. They are (for the most part) a wonderfully supportive group of men and women. The JeffCo HomeShowTM and Built Green® of Jefferson County are two of the JCHBA's gifts to the community." "The BIAW's political tactics and editorial slant are a prime example of what I despise about partisan politics. While the organ-ization is phenomenal at lobbying on behalf of small business, those victories are tainted by BIAW's rabid political posturing."

The good news is that there is an internal move for more moderate members to regain control of the association. I have recently returned from a meeting of the presidents of the local associations that make up the BIAW. The presidents, who were at the meeting, represented 70% of the state membership. The unanimous conclusion was that the members should steer BIAW; BIAW should not drive the members.

In addition, we sent notice to BIAW leadership that the tone of the Building Insight was not what we wanted to see. We should be addressing the issues and not slinging mud at individuals. There is still much work to be done to try to bring BIAW leadership in line with the thinking of the local presidents, but we are all confident that the problem is not insurmountable. We will be meeting again in October in a joint meeting with the BIAW executive board to stress the points we are trying to make. The key point is that we, the members of JCHBA, are the BIAW. If we want to change the way BIAW acts, it is up to us to change it.

I hope that we have addressed some of the concerns of our members. Should you have questions, feel free to contact Sandy or me.

Fred Kimball

P.S. Let us know if you'd like to be removed from the BIAW's mailing list. If you're not reading the Building Insight, why waste a good tree?
P.P.S. Sent with the blessings of JCHBA Second Vice President Kevin Coker, Secretary Joy McFadden and Treasurer Rick Gore.


Update: We appreciate all of you who e-mailed and called in support of the board's stance, above, as well as the one pro-BIAW e-mail.
Any further member comments? Please e-mail hershelman@olympus.net.



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