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Feb. 23, 2008

Hershelman announces run for commissioner

"It's about time for a more affordable Jefferson County," said Sandy Hershelman, announcing her run for the Jefferson County Commissioner, District 2 seat. "This county is in desperate need of family wage jobs and affordable housing."

Hershelman plans to unseat David Sullivan, who has already announced he will seek a second term. District 2 represents the Tri-Area, Kala Point, Cape George and the surrounding areas.

"It's about time we had an independent commissioner," she said. "During the last few years, the more I penetrated into the bureaucratic maze, the more I realized just how polarized this county is—Republican and Democrat, environmentalist and property rights, growth and no growth—and each side has its extremists.

"Logic and balance usually lay somewhere in the middle. I truly believe that's where most county residents stand. They are that silent majority. Someone has to be the voice for the majority of the people in this county—and that someone is me. I understand that fine balance between responsible governance and navigating through onerous laws forced upon local governments. Shoving over-regulation down the throats of our neighbors is not the answer. Balance is the key," she added. "No business growth and we die. Too much growth and we smother. Attracting/ growing businesses and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive—we can have both."

As an independent, Hershelman is required to gather at least 100 registered voters from District 2 in one place and have them sign a petition to put her on the ballot. The nominating convention will be held from 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, May 6 at Chimacum School. (March 18 update: U.S. Supreme Court reinstates Washington's Top-Two Primary. There will be no need for the nominating convention.)

"Mark your calendars now! As an independent, I'm bucking the system and will need a strong, active grassroots support," Hershelman said.

Lizanne Coker will manage Hershelman's campaign, with Jana Daubenberger-Filli as treasurer. Daughter Heidi Anderson will be a key team member, as well. (For more info, as the campaign progresses: ElectSandyHershelman.com.)

Knows the needs
"I've spent 25 years in highly visible jobs in Jefferson County. I've had the opportunity to really get to know our community. I've heard our neighbors' life stories, watched their finances roller coaster, their businesses falter and then rally again. I know the people and their needs," Hershelman said. "Having a sewer and UGA is key to building businesses and affordable housing in the Tri-Area."

She has lived in the same house in Port Hadlock since 1981. Her two children are 21 and 26. "I'm not sure that they'll be able to come back here once they have families. I remember well, how tough it was to raise toddlers, as a stay-at-home mom with an underemployed spouse and no health insurance. I don't want that for my kids—or their friends, or your kids or grandkids," Hershelman said. "It's my empathy for struggling hard-working families and seniors on fixed incomes that tipped the scale in my decision to run for commissioner."

Building bridges
Hershelman has morphed from a freelance writer into an award-winning journalist, photographer, desktop publisher, and Web designer. Through the 1990s, she wrote for the
Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader and other regional newspapers. Her byline also appeared in national magazines. Since the mid-'90s, she has created most of the Chimacum School District's levy and bond fliers, as well as all of its district newsletters.

"As a journalist, you have to look past all of the fluff and posturing to find the truth. And of course, follow the money," Hershelman said. "I'm a bridge builder, a mediator. I tie together the common threads of different groups: traditional and green builders, liberals and conservatives, businesses and clients."

With a strong aptitude for business and 20 years of hands-on experience operating small businesses, Hershelman is hired by business owners to ensure their success, via marketing, advertising, message development and creation of collaterals.

Last month, the owner of Sandy Hershelman Designs was nominated for the Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce's Business Leader of the Year.

As executive officer of the Jefferson County Home Builders Association since 2002, Hershelman promotes the building trades' efforts to thrive in this county. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the community, sitting on numerous water, land use, economic development and affordable housing committees.

She has proven to be a highly capable executive officer with strong leadership skills. She breathed new vitality into the nonprofit: membership increased by 60 percent, Built Green® of Jefferson County was launched, and the JeffCo HomeShowTM debuts May 3-4.

Hershelman was the 2007 chair of the Washington Executive Officers Council. She presented "Effective HBA Websites" at the 2006 National Association of Home Builders' EOC Seminar in Connecticut.

She serves on the Olympic Economic Development board of directors and is a member of Soroptimist International of Port Townsend & East Jefferson Co., Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce, Washington Coalition For Open Government, Jefferson County Home Builders Association and Port Townsend BPOE #317. She has agreed to be a family partner through Habitat for Humanity of East Jefferson County and is a Paul Harris Fellow through Rotary Club of East Jefferson County.

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